A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A competitive platformer game for 2-4 players.

You just got a job interview at a major pushpin company! However, they neglected to mention that it would be on the top floor...

  • Race against the competition and show off your punctuality!
  • Steer clear of hazards and find clothes racks to maintain your professionalism!
  • Use coffee to boost your speed, and toggle pushpin traps to slow down your rivals!

This game is a student project developed in the Casual Game Production class at UCF. Additional updates are being considered.

Christian Boyette - Producer, Designer, Modeller
Deanne Fernandez - Modeller, Designer, HUD Artist
Zachary Goodless - Programmer, Designer, Sound, Pixel Artist
Jake Khosrowzardeh - Modeller, Designer, Pixel Artist
Christina Parker - Additional Design
Alex Szopinski - Modeller


Skyscrappers (Windows V1) 14 MB
Skyscrappers (Mac OS V1) 16 MB